Seth Macfarlane is the sex,,

but lets not linger on his age,,
because that doesn't matter all that matters is how irresistable is.

He's is a SUPERHERO,, NO other man can make you - laugh, think about the world and whats wrong with it, provide a witty remark bagging all the right people and explode ovaries - SIMULTANEOUSLY
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Yes I must agree with you haha Seth is SEX.

And i am just ecstatic that i am not alone in thinking this.

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This currently resides on my wall next to pictures of my boyfriend, my little brother&sister and my girls.
He’s the one man who i haven’t become obsessed with the gotten bored of. Instead i have this steady flow of love that outlasts everything.
Love Won't Let You Get Away by Seth MacFarlane 527 plays
Please answer when i call.
oh darling, please believe me. Ill never do you no wrong.
I’m so in awe of this man if i ever got to meet i would probably just stand from a distance and watch him. Hoping, just hoping he would notice me.